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Taping & Mudding

Let’s face it just about everyone hates taping drywall! Well not Mike, taping is “white gold”. Over the years- through the recession of 2008-2012 we saw people’s discretionary income decrease. The “full service” approach wasn’t as common. However, the client still needed a professional taper. So, to this day Mike offers taping, muddling and sanding services to people who for whatever reason have decided to hang the drywall themselves. Some of the most satisfying jobs have been for amateur homeowner drywall hangers! 

job 1
Gloucester MA Cottage
job 2
Derry Basement
job 3
Mont Vernon Basement

job 4
Windham Basement
job 5
Auburn Attic
job 6
Fremont Basement Drum Room

job 7
Dunbarton Basement
job 8
Fitchburg Basement
job 9
Salem Basement

job 10
Bedford Party Barn
job 11
Derry Basement
Nashua Basement Taping
Nashua Basement Taping
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