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One of the most common questions we are regularly asked is how do you charge and how much per sheet? We generally don’t charge by the sheet or square foot. Many of our jobs aren’t production type jobs. The “sheet pricing” doesn’t allow for any specific details to be considered in pricing. For example a 20 sheet basement with 7’ walls is far different than 20 sheets worth of patchwork throughout a 5000 sq. ft home. Since there are many variables we take everything into consideration and price accordingly. 

At our initial phone conversation, we will ask for rough measurements, ceiling height and pictures. With the information provided we will provide a verbal preliminary estimate. Once accepted we’ll schedule a consultation at your home to go over everything, set final price. A written invoice will outline scope of work, details and price/payment schedule.


Q: How do you charge / how much do you get a sheet? 
A: We generally don’t charge buy the sheet / square foot. Since there are so many variables.

Q. Another contractor/ family member started the job, will you finish it? 
A. Absolutely, may of our clients either hired the lowest bidder or relied on a family members to save money. Either the job isn’t done after months or the quality is lacking. We’re here to help, we’ll even bail you out of taping disasters! 

Q: Do you match ceiling texture? 
A: No, there are too many textures to master them all. Since 99% of our work is either smooth or random roll. Many times we suggest, overlaying and finish smooth or with random roll to avoid sanding. 

Q. How do I get an estimate? 
A: Call / Text or Email we’ll have a conversation go over job specifics and a preliminary estimate will be given over the phone

Q: How can you give an estimate over the phone?
A: By asking the appropriate questions during initial phone conversation, basic client provided measurements and pictures we are able to provide an estimate (which is a guesstimate of cost). We do this to save everyone’s time! 

Q: Where you out of? 
A. Manchester NH

Q: What’s your coverage area? 
A. Generally 1 hr radius of Manchester NH, which includes Keene NH, Seacoast NH, York County Maine, Boston North and Lakes Region NH. However we’ll go farther if requested.

Q: What are your hours of operation? 
A: We generally take calls during business hours. However our you can text and we will likely respond. You can also text pictures to our number! 

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